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McCall's 1865 - Strawberry and Blossom Motifs Iron-onTransfer


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Set of iron-on stamped color strawberry transfers (no embroidery required) for application to blouses, aprons, handkerchiefs, towels, lingerie cases, dresses, collars, cuffs, underwear, pinafores, and baby dresses, bibs, kimonos, and pillows.

Embroidery option: when trimming a blouse, dress, or scarf you could add a few seed beads over the seeds of the berries for additional charm. Or, add a corsage effect on the shoulder of a blouse by adding a narrow ribbon to the motif. The possibilities are endless! 

Includes two or nine different strawberry motifs from 1 3/4" to 5" high. Illustration on the front shows three of the motifs in actual color and actual size. Six motifs not illustrated include single strawberries and three clusters with blossoms. The motifs and single berries may be cut apart, rearranged, and stamped on various items.Circa the 1950s.


All patterns are checked prior to listing. Patterns are complete, including instructions, unless otherwise noted below.

Pattern: MINT.

Envelope: VERY GOOD. Some overall wrinkling and tiny tears to top flap and corners. Click on the pattern images in order to view the envelope condition in detail.

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